Monday, May 23, 2016

Replaced by Machines


  1. And now we also have robot lawyers:

  2. "A company should want its human customers to ENJOY interacting with it… A living human interface provides better intelligence than any survey a company can offer after the fact… And serving humans isn’t merely some New Age value system that needs protecting against the realities of real-world business. It is the fundamental reason for business in the first place: to create ongoing value for customers, employees, and owners." (Douglas Rushkoff, "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity").

    You are right: it has nothing to do with being a Luddite (or not), but everything to do with using technology to save costs and lose clients.

  3. Technology is tool. Like all tools it could be useful when used correctly, but also very dangerous when not used responsibly.

    One of the reasons I left IT was that in essence IT (at least the commercial application) is about artificially costing people their jobs. Technology is used as some black-box solution that (often) over-promise and under-delivers in the medium to long term. It is not even about cutting costs by improving efficiency as much as about shifting the costs and re-cutting/re-distributing the pie.
    Working with technology teaches one its strength and limitations, and the disastrous potential of black-box solution related charlatanism.

    Some technology is useful, other is not. Professionals choose the tools that help them do their work better and reject the rest. It is really as simple as that.

    Unfortunately, the so-called translation professional community has been infiltrated (as you very astutely called it) by foreign agents with their agenda and interests, and they used their newly acquired position to take ownership of some parts of the commercial narrative and caused confusion. But much like in all other professions, when in doubt look for what the professionals are using.

  4. contact with person shouldn't be replaced by machines ever.
    for instance, when I travel abroad or when someone ask me for a little translation at any airport or shopping I feel good to help others...